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Oxfam in trouble after ‘politically biased campaign’

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Faux film poster tweeted by Oxfam

Faux film poster tweeted by Oxfam

Oxfam, one of Britain’s leading aid charities, is facing an inquiry by the charity watchdog after it criticised the current government austerity measures.

On Twitter, Oxfam posted an image of a faux film poster, with the heading “The Perfect Storm” and the words “Starring zero hour contracts, high prices, benefit cuts, unemployment, childcare costs”.

The accompanying tweet stated: “Lifting the lid on austerity Britain reveals a perfect storm – and it’s forcing more and more people into poverty”.

Conservative MPs reported Oxfam to the charity watchdog as they regarded their campaign against poverty as ‘politically biased’ against the Conservative government. Read the rest of this entry


Trussell Trust states welfare reform is responsible for increase in use of food banks

Trussell Trust food bank volunteers

Trussell Trust food bank volunteers

The Trussell Trust, the key charity behind the growth of food banks, has recently led a campaign to try to show that welfare reforms are leaving people starving.

The trust states that between April and December last year, around 500,000 people were given three days’ worth of food at its banks. If these statistics are true, this means more than 8 per cent of the population have had to resort to charity food hand-outs.

Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has accused the trust of ‘political messaging’ and told it to ‘stop scare-mongering’, suggesting that the campaign linking welfare reform to food banks is politically-motivated and is not based on facts. Read the rest of this entry