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Disabled primary school children twice as likely to be bullied

Recent research suggests that primary school pupils in England with special educational needs are twice as likely as other children to experience bullying.

This research comes from London University’s Institute of Education (IoE), in which they analysed data relating to bullying from two national cohort studies. These studies were:

  • The Millennium Cohort Study, which is tracking the lives of 19,000 UK children born between 2000 and 2001
  • Next Steps, formally known as the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England, which tracks 16,000 people born in England in 1989 and 1990

The study’s findings bring to light not only the instances of bullying, but the ongoing and persistent nature of the bullying.

For example the study found that 12% of seven-year-olds with special needs felt bullied all the time, compared to 6% of non-disabled peers. Read the rest of this entry


Report finds children with disabilities more at risk of suspension from school

A report has recently found that children with disabilities and children of colour, particularly black children, are suspended at “hugely disproportionate rates” compared to white, non-disabled children.

This report comes from the Discipline Disparities Research-to-Practice Collaborative, a group of 26 experts from fields of social science, education and law at Indiana University.

The group argue that this is a trend which is fuelling inequality in US schools.

The research shows that children with disabilities are suspended nearly twice as often as others, with students from minority backgrounds and homosexual, bisexual and transgender students also at higher risk of suspension. Read the rest of this entry