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Stop Taxing Periods. Period.

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Laura Coryton has created a petition on, to persuade Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to reduce tax on sanitary products to 0%.

Her arguments are outlined below:

The Government taxes the masses of people who have periods, but not for enjoying a lean crocodile steak. Does placing exotic meats above sexual hygiene truly reflect society’s values?

A 5% tax rate has been placed on sanitary products, whilst exotic meats walk tax-free. HM Revenue and Customs justify this rate by labelling these sexual health products as ‘non-essential’ items, costing you an average of £1,500 per person over a lifetime.

It is a choice to use sanitary products. However, in order to maintain a successful career and a normal lifestyle, sanitary care is most definitely essential. The Government are failing to recognise this as an issue, refusing to subsidise such a medical necessity, and have the audacity to tax you for making this ‘choice’.

This fight is far from hopeless. The Government reduced their tax rate from 17.5% in 2001, following pressure to keep inline with EU regulations. Let’s pressure them further to reduce this to 0%. Sanitary products would then be able to join HM Revenue & Custom’s list of ‘essential’ tax free items, alongside: men’s razors; alcoholic dessert jellies; crucial edible cake decorations (specifying chocolate scrolls and sugar flowers amongst other imperative appetising delights); and everybody’s favourite and all important selection of exotic meats.

So, which do you value more: your sexual hygiene or your crocodile steak?


This petition is gathering support, with many commenters suggesting that a tax on sanitary products is a sexist and discriminatory tax against women, particularly as men’s razors are deemed ‘essential’. I wonder how ‘essential’ men in government would think sanitary products were if women were to stop wearing them altogether?

Click here to sign the petition and have your say!



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Hi, I'm Poppy. I graduated from Essex Uni with a Social Psychology and Sociology degree, and now work in the Youth Support Team at Suffolk County Council. I also write articles for disability charity Dancing Giraffe when I can. I'm interested in issues of poverty, inequality, politics, social justice, and health. I plan to use this blog to write about issues which I feel passionately about, comment on news stories which take my interest, and simply post stories and information which may be of interest.

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  1. Freckled Feminist

    Hi! Could you possibly do me a massive favour and check out my blog post on the same subject? I’d really appreciate it:D


    • Hiya, I just had a look, brilliant post. I hadnt thought about the use of blue liquid that way, it does certainly reinforce taboos. Thanks for the comment and follow, i followed you back! 🙂


  2. Oh for Goodness’ Sake!!! This a matter of Women’s Liberation, not food!!!. Steaks are irrelevant. What’s vital is that there’s no VAT on medical necessities such as bandages and sticking plasters. Women’s monthly medical stuffs are necessities; so should, under VAT Rules, be zero-rated. HMG is therefore acting illegally.
    Address MEPs on the matter: Why don’t they remove the tampon tax across the EU?…not just here?. Chat to Mrs Cameron, Mrs Clegg, Mrs Miliband….why haven’t they done a sex strike on their menfolk until women have equality here?. Interface with all the women MPs ….why haven’t they been at it?. When are they gonna start?, and be bigger women than Maggie Thatcher by ending the tampon tax.



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