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The Conservatives promotion of the budget – cutting bingo tax and beer duty

The Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapps, was accused of patronising voters  as he attempted to use Twitter to promote the government’s budget.

Shapps tweeted a picture that said: “Bingo. Cutting the Bingo tax and beer duty: To help hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy.”

Tweets in response to this included:

“Bingo and beer – you lot genuinely believe that’s all the working class want don’t you @grantshapps?#Partyoftherich #Budget2014” — Susan (@marthasydenham) March 19, 2014

“Hey, @grantshapps, I’ve revised your bingo graphic for honesty. This is what you *meant*, right?” — DocHackenbush (@DocHackenbush) March 19, 2014 (Picture below)

bingo tax

If you can’t make out the smaller text, it states: “That’s what you wretched proles get up to, isn’t it? So strap on your clogs and grab your whippets and have at it. We’ll be over here counting your money. Conservatives. Patronising the shit out of you.”

I think DocHackenbush has it completely right. The Conservatives ad was completely patronising to ‘us poor working class’, or ‘they’ as the ad states. Once again the Conservatives prove just how out of touch they are with the British public, if they believe gambling and alcohol are the only things ‘working people’ are interested in.

This was simply a ploy to gain the votes of the working class by claiming to be supporting them and protecting their interests, when in reality all it is doing is focusing on improving the trivial things which the Conservatives believe will impress the public, rather than things that actually matter and make a difference to people’s lives, such as energy prices, the bedroom tax, and disability benefits.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls also commented on the ad, stating it was a “clumsy and ham-fisted campaign”, adding “‘They’? It was so patronising! I can’t believe the chancellor. Did he really sign this advert off? Does he really think that he can just say to people who are working people, well look bingo and beer that’s all you care about?

“What about energy prices? What about youth jobs? What about getting on the housing ladder? What about small businesses who can’t get bank loans?

“On all those things he was silent. He’s not going to fob off and patronise people in our country.”



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Hi, I'm Poppy. I graduated from Essex Uni with a Social Psychology and Sociology degree, and now work in the Youth Support Team at Suffolk County Council. I also write articles for disability charity Dancing Giraffe when I can. I'm interested in issues of poverty, inequality, politics, social justice, and health. I plan to use this blog to write about issues which I feel passionately about, comment on news stories which take my interest, and simply post stories and information which may be of interest.

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